Snuglily is proud to offer fashionable, high-quality garments while contributing to ethical production that supports fair-trade labor, conscientiously chosen material, and lasting products. Our venture gives opportunity to families and creates jobs for women in Nepal, India etc. Our garments are handmade by exceptionally skilled artisans using 100%  organic wool. Many of our garments are colored with plant-dye

Fair Trade & Eco-Friendly

Our knitters grateful for the fair wages they receive and for the opportunity to work from home while caring for their children, especially as some of them are single mothers. We are also committed to caring for the environment.We also use wool free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. Our dyes are certified eco-friendly.

Not Mass Produced 

Snuglily is focused on providing products that are not mass produced & are handcrafted, unique & sustainable in nature.